Friday, 12 August 2011

1 week down, 51 to go!

August 7th 2011.

San left really early this morning headed for Nepal.  Had breakfast with the rest of the guys and quizzed Anuj on cool places to visit for the rest of my time in India.

Said cheers to Brian and Simon before they left for Dubai!  And then spent the day with Michael and Tegan whose train to Varanasi was not until late, and was delayed.

We went and had a look around Laxmi Narayan Birla Mandir.  As with many of these places you cannot take a camera inside, but I forgot to put the battery in mine today so never mind!

We caught a tuk tuk back to the hotel and just chilled until they left.  Looking forward to catching up with them in Melbourne - aside from the fact I really get on with them, Michael promised me a fine rib eye steak, so I'm there!

I just relaxed in the evening and got room service at the hotel, really tired after a long week!  Got the lurgy too, oh well.  :(

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