Sunday, 21 August 2011

Another day in paradise

19th August 2011

Got up early to go and see the rest of the temples in the village.  Bumped into an Indian guy called Dranvindan who said he had been living in the southwest of England for a while a few years ago and we got chatting and had breakfast in a small cafe, I had ginger cake, an omelete, fresh squeezed Indian orange juice and masala chai.. he paid which was cool! I thought he may want something but it was all good.

PhotobucketAs an quick tangent.. the guys I met in Khajuraho (Kaldef and Abbu) gave me a gift of a rudraksha seed (or shiva tree seed) for good luck and I'm wearing it around my neck - this catches peoples attention and I get random people talking to me and asking where I got it and this guy had started talking to me because of it. :)

PhotobucketDravindan showed me around the main temples where I saw Krishna's butter ball, Krishna Mandapa, Ganesha Ratha, Bhagiratha'a Penance, Panch Pendava, Cave temple, Olakkanatha Temple, Varaha cave temple, Trimath cave temple, Adivaraha cave temple, Mahishasuramardini cave temple and a lighthouse (built by the British).


PhotobucketAfterwards I had lunch, and then decided to rent a moped so I could get around this small village easilly.  The roads here are not so crazy so I thought what the hell.  It was fun cruising around beeping at everyone and trying not to get crushed by busses (might is right, remember?).  And the horn on the moped only really worked when you are going fast due to some sketchy electrics, so I just went flat out everywhere  :D


Saw loads of monkeys in the area, and these two were sitting grooming each other. It was funny to watch because they were loving it so much. :)

I took the ped to the last bit of Mamallapurum which was where the Panch Rathas are.  Mamallapurum is famous for stone carving, and each of these temples are carved from a single granite boulder!  Pretty impressive.



After cruising around for a while longer I returned the moped and then hit the beach to watch the sunset.  There was a festival going on there, with lots of music and lights but hardly any people! To be honest it was the least busy festival I've ever seen but it was cool  :)  I did some kungfu on the beach and then went to get some food in another shoreside restaurant.  I sat with a French lady (whose name I forget, sorry whoever you are!) and an Indian guy called Cannon and we had curry and shared a few beers (haven't had beer for a couple of weeks as saving money so this was really good!)

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