Friday, 12 August 2011

Dhanyavad Anuj!

Had a great week, saw some amazing stuff, met some great people.. I told Anuj
I'd pimp the Intrepid massive - I couldn't recommend it more!  A lot of the stuff we did I probably wouldn't have done, for example visiting Karauli and certainly the temple in Karauli at peak prayer time - as I'm not religious and would have felt out of place without the encouragement of Anuj.  The tour was well organised, it was a small group, we stayed in some amazing places, it was a very good price and our guide Anuj was ace - he gelled with group and socialised with us and I learned a lot from him, he even helped me out with planning what to do with my remaining 4/5 weeks in India so THANKS ALOT!

Intrepid tours website;

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