Monday, 22 August 2011

Farewell 6 fingered man..

20th August 2011

PhotobucketGot up early, had my breakfast dosai and went to the beach for one last time.  At 11 am I waved goodbye to the 6 fingered man and boarded the bus to Pondicherry.  The journey was only about an hour and a half or so.

PhotobucketPondicherry is the former capital of the French territories in India.  Its a nice city, quite clean in parts actually and a lot of the streets still have French names.  There are also a lot of French tourists.  The city is not massive and you can get around by walking although I am pretty knackered after exploring all day!  Its laid out like a grid so its easy to find your way around.  You don't tend to get pestered by beggars and street sellers that much here, which is a welcome relief!

PhotobucketI went exploring and found a nice park, and then headed for the prominade, another nice place to sit and get the cool breeze from the sea - there's a huge statue of Mahatma Ghandi about half way along and a pier at the west end.  Pondicherry also has many temples.


I met an Italian guy called Luca on the prominade and we spent most of the afternoon trying to find the 4 moped hire places but 2 of them just didn't seem to exist and the other 2 wanted my passport as a deposit and I'm not willing to let go of it! meh, never mind.

Found a really cheap restaurant to eat at in the evening and the food was excellent.  Most of the food here is seafood or vegetarian, most places Ive seen don't have meat on the menu.

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