Monday, 8 August 2011

Intrepid Golden Triangle Tour - Day 1

August 1st 2011.

Met with the 5 other guys on the tour - Michael, Tegan and San from Melbourne Australia and Simon and Brian from Perth Australia. Our guide for the week was Anuj Misra. All great guys :)

After a short briefing of the week ahead we set off for Old Delhi. Got a tube to Chandri Chowk, the tube was actually pretty nice (in some ways) compared to London tube system! Air con on the tube trains makes all the difference. Old Delhi is properly run down, you have to see it to believe it. Crazy busy too.

We headed for Jama Masjid (a Mosque) first. Theres a knack to walking barefoot on baking hot red stone! Simon, San and I climbed to the top of one of the minarettes and got a birds eye view of Old Delhi. The tower seemed taller than it looked when ascending the spiral stairs and when we finally got to the top there were a lot of people crammed into such a small space! Passing people on the way back down was fun as the stairway was incredibly narrrow.

Had a tour of the narrow streets (maybe only a metre or so wide in places) and markets and stopped for a cup of hot chai masala on a street corner. Anuj pointed out the really old traditional Indian houses along the way.

PhotobucketNext stop was Sisganj Gurudwara. This is a Sihk temple, it also has a community kitchen. The community kitchen is a place where anyone can get food and water for free, regardless of status, colour, crede, religion etc. It is not regarded as charity, just free for all. They had a chappati production line here, I joined in and made a few :)

Got a tuk tuk back to the hotel, funny because the driver clearly had no idea where we were going and kept stopping and asking people for directions, but fortunately Brian recognised where we were and managed to direct the driver.

Had dinner with the group at Crossroads restaurant. Chicken curry with tandoori roti which was fantastic. Funny watching Michael trying to convince the waiter to make the curry "very very very very very spicy". :P

Crashed early ready to get up and leave by 5am and catch a train to Agra! zzzZZ

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