Friday, 12 August 2011

Intrepid Golden Triangle Tour - Day 4

August 4th 2011.

I had a traditional breakfast at Bhanwar Villas Palace in the morning.  This included Po Ha which is rice flakes, peanuts and spices.  Also had vegetable cutlets, a masala omelet, 2 pieces of toast and chai masala.  I was stuffed.

Had a quick look at the swimming pool which we had to miss on the tour of the grounds yesterday as the Maharajah was swimming in it! Big pool with a great surrounding garden and also a basketball court!?

Didn't want to leave but had to get the minibus over to Jaipur, which was a very long drive.  I slept a little on the bus and woke up just in time to see the Jaipur city gates.  We got to the hotel around 4pm, freshened up and rested for a bit before going to watch a Bollywood movie at the cinema in Jaipur.

PhotobucketWe watched Singham - I had no idea what was going on for the first half but it was hilarious, at the interval Anuj explained what was happening and I think we all had it wrong, lol.  The second half was easier to understand though after getting the gist of the beginning. If you get a chance, watch it, preferably with no subtitles.. hah.  Its about police corruption, lots of martial arts, bitch slapping, stupid action shots, and belt whipping..!?  At the cinema I bought popcorn and a coke for about 60p!  (small popcorn but still).  Had dinner at the Chutney Chimney restaurant.  Very tired from late night before and travelling so crashed earlyish - got a 9am start in the morning.

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