Monday, 22 August 2011

Made me chuckle

  1. In Mamallapurum a tuk tuk driver asked if I wanted a lift somewhere - as I drove past on a moped!
  2. I was being pestered by a street seller to buy some post cards and I said "Il-lai" (no, in Tamil), impressed by my single word of Tamil he went on to tell me I should say "powi vitu" (go away!) - so I did, and then drove off on a moped. :)
  3. In Pondicherry, I said hello to a passer by who was staring at me, he stopped for a chat - during which he asked if I was a local!
  4. When asked "would you like some more chai sir?", I replied "no, I'm ok thanks", and the waiter poured me some more chai! (Ive seen this a few times when eating out and I think they hear "ok" and assume you want some).

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