Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Madurai, day 2

24th August 2011

Got up early, had a huge breakfast and headed to the Minakshi Sundareshvara temple complex.  Apart from the huge Minakshi temple, there are several surrounding temples, a shrine, museum and markets.  Kept me occupied for a while!




Later I went on foot to find the Thirumalai Nayaka palace.  Took me a while, I had two maps and neither was really that helpful (showing a road layout with road names on all the roads would be good!)  Its a pretty grand palace, the throne chamber is pretty cool.  There's a museum of various archaeological findings in what used to be the dance hall.



PhotobucketTried to find the Kadal Alagar temple, but I just got lost and when I asked directions I was getting varied answers like "its 30 km away" or "its just over there, <points>, its tall and golden"..  Tired and hungry, and with my refusal to spend money on a tuk tuk or rickshaw, I turned back and headed home.  ;P

It was so warm today, I was drinking the water that I had in my bag and it was actually hot! Not refreshing in any way but very necessary to keep my fluids topped up!

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