Sunday, 7 August 2011

Might is right!

After a week in India guided by our new friend Anuj, I have learned a few things;
  1. Might is right.
  2. IST = Indian stretchable time.
  3. Negotiate hard!
  4. Air con is my new best friend.
  5. Ignoring people is not always rude.
  6. Service in India is a big part of life, everyone is really keen to help.  Tip everyone who does anything for you.
  7. Walking out in front of what looks like 9 lanes of traffic is fine. They will avoid you.
  8. I dont actually need English builder tea to survive!
  9. Most people in India are very friendly and want to talk to you. You get a feel for those who want something and you can apply lesson 5 above.
  10. I can't shuffle a deck of cards to save my life.
  11. Every day is curry day :D
  12. Singham is awesome.
  13. Cows, dogs, monkeys, camels, people, cars, busses, mopeds, tuk tuks, rikshaws can all be in the road at the same time.
  14. Some kids in Karauli are playing Metal Slug on a beat up old arcade machine  :P
  15. There is no limit to the number of people and/ or items which you can carry about your vehicle or on your head.
  16. I can live for a week with no internet and just half of what I actually brought to India.
  17. Tandoori chicken doesnt have to cost £15.
  18. You can get to a cinema by approaching a non English speaking tuk tuk driver, showing him a picture of the inside of a cinema, quoting the name of a Bollywood star and showing him your best tiger claw.


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