Tuesday, 23 August 2011


23rd August 2011

PhotobucketI probably got about 10 minutes sleep on the train before it got to Madurai at 6am, 30 minutes early.  I was all sweaty from a day in the heat, not being able to shower before catching the train and my dash to get on board, so couldn't get comfortable, and the guy on the bottom bunk was snoring - at least someone got some sleep.

When I got to the hostel I qweened out for a few hours and got some much needed rest.  I grabbed a map and saw there was a post office near by, so I decided to try and send my parcel again on my way to see what the city has to offer.

Parcel send fail parts 2 and 3

Having walked 1.5km to the post office I was informed that the clerks had gone to lunch.  They also had no useful things like boxes for sale.  Now obsessed by the need to dispatch my parcel I set off again on a mission to find A BOX.. hmmg.  Somehow I managed to find one very close by, in a small shop that just had random things for sale.  I thought the box was just waste but asked if I could take it and the guy sold it to me for 3 rupees.  Armed with my box I marched with a slightly insane grin on my face 1.5km back to my room where I had a small roll of gaffa tape in my rucksack (since you can fix anything with gaffa tape I deemed it absolutely necessary to travel with it).  I took the box and blue-peter'd it into the size and shape which I thought appropriate to enlarge my parcel.

Delighted with my hand crafted box, I stashed it in my bag and began the 1.5km walk back to the post office.  Blind to the awesomeness of my parcel, the post office clerk told me to "package it up properly".  I glanced at my pristine example of packaging, my mind flashed back through the box hunt, and 4.5 kilometers walk I had just done.. before I could say anything she told me to take it to some place up the road where they would "package it up properly" for me.  Needless to say I could not find the place she spoke of and reluctantly aborted the mission - for now!  -_-

PhotobucketMy parcel and I went to the Ghandi museum which was close by.  At least I can say I've learned something today!  It was pretty interesting reading about the history between the British and India.

PhotobucketAs if I hadn't done enough walking I headed towards the main city (walking a lot to save money, a tuk tuk ride for a couple of hundred rupees can feed me for a day) but I got a little bit lost and was feeling pretty tired so I turned back and planned to qween out early and reclaim some more lost sleep.  Got caught in a monsoon on the way.  :D

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