Sunday, 21 August 2011

Take me down to the paradise city..

18th August 2011

Decided to chill for the morning before moving on to Mamallapurum.  Chennai is such a busy place!

PhotobucketThe bus journey to Mamallapurum was short and when I got to my hostel I was greeted by a man with 6 fingers, which was novel.  I was happy to see that Mamallapurum is a very small and chilled out place in comparison to Varanasi and Chennai, and has an awesome beach.

Mamallapurum is famous for stone carving and all the temples here are pretty impressive, some are carved from a single granite boulder! Lots of people are selling stone carvings and I saw a cool "computer Ganesh" but despite the sellers best efforts I did not buy it.  :P

PhotobucketI went out and saw the shore temple and then hung out on the beach for the rest of the day.  It was about 38 degrees centigrade but when the sun set it started to cool along the shore with the sea breeze coming in.

I did some kungfu on the beach for an hour and played volley ball with some locals before retreating to the Santana restaurant roof top at the edge of the beach.  It was a great day!  :D



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