Sunday, 21 August 2011


Some tings Ive learned;
  • In the 80's, Dio sang "don't talk to strangers".  If you ignore that, sometimes you meet some great people.
  • Watch where you put your feet.  You may trip, slip, fall down hole, or step in something you'd rather not.
  • When you need to cross a busy road, just walk out and stay cool, or you'll be there all day.  The green cross code doesn't work here.
  • Be aware; people, cars, bikes and cows will pull out on you even though they see you clearly.
  • French people are everywhere.
  • Bring good insect repellent!  I got eaten alive the other day after having no problems for almost 3 weeks!
I'm trying pretty much everything (even some fish - shock, horror) but here are some tings Ive tried which are proper good;
  • Dosai (for breakfast, yum)
  • Idly
  • Freshly squeezed Indian Orange (with no water or ice).  They're green but taste orangey.
  • Lassi (with no water or ice), I recommend lime flavour.  Its an awesome yoghurt based drink.
Meep meep..

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