Thursday, 18 August 2011

Varanasi geekery

14th August 2011

Got a wake up call at 6am..  "Your driver is here sir..", "um, I didnt book one", "oh sorry sir, wrong room, sorry sorry!" - so that was ace.  :|

I met a Brazilian girl at breakfast called Christine who is also travelling alone and asked if she wanted to do a boat ride on the Ganges tomorrow morning.  She had a day of sight seeing lined up and arranged it with her taxi driver.

I was going to head out to the main city again but it was raining hard intermittently so I decided to look around the local area and find me some internets.  Had lunch in a restaurant and got 1.5 hours of internet in a "cyber cafe" (lol) for 75 rupees.  I had to find out how to hack my phone to sim unlock it as my Indian sim card was not working, I found an unlock tool and then scurried back to my room to try it out and it worked perfectly, yay feels better to have a working phone that won't cost me a bomb to make calls on!

Saw Christine later and she said the boat ride was all arranged but we had to leave at 6am, another early morning!

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