Monday, 26 September 2011

ATV repairs

17th September 2011

Dee's parents own a place called The Green, where they have activity days for the students at the school and they want to have some quad bikes there. They bought some quads but they need building also they got ravaged by rats while in storage so a lot of the wiring is chewed and broken. Pete and I had a go at getting some of them running today. There are 2 children sized quads and 4 larger adult sized ones. One of each were already built but wouldn't run. Pete is a petrol head and knows lots about engines and stuff so he started working on getting them built and running and I tried to fix the wiring where necessary. Some of the staff at the school helped out too, and got a second small quad built and running.

For dinner we went to a satay restaurant called Tanjung which I am told is the best in Indonesia! It was excellent, I managed to eat a lot of chicken despite still not feeling right with my dodgey stomach.

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