Sunday, 4 September 2011

Cochin or Kochi?

26th August 2011

Arrived in Cochin at 5am, an hour and a half early and made my way to a hostel. I crashed out again for a few hours before exploring Cochin which is a pretty nice city. Seems quite modern in parts.

Teamed up Leon who I met at the hostel, and went to fort Kochi which was pretty huge - noticed a place in there called "Malabar house residency" which will make my friends in Cornwall laugh. :)

Went to Mantancherry Palace and Willingdon Island which is a man made island! Unfortunately I had forgotten to charge my camera which was flat after taking loads of pics of huge temples in Madurai! Hopefully Leon will email me some of his! Hint hint.

Went and had a curry for dinner later on with Leon before he left heading for Mumbai. I tried my best to get him to come for a houseboat cruise in Alleppey with me but he had already booked his train so he lamed it.

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