Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Dropped in the deep end!

21st September 2011

Dee's mum, Bu Indra, used to be a teacher at a local secondary school and today we went there so she could introduce me because I will be volunteering as a native English speaker there sometimes.

After the introduction Pete and I were quickly taken into a classroom full of kids and asked to talk to them for a while! It was actually ok though, at least my year out traveling gives me something substantial to talk about and is vaguely interesting to most of them so they were very forthcoming with questions and the time went by pretty quickly. Their English was very good.

We had a quick cup of tea and then got dropped in to another classroom of older kids and had to do it all again! It was quite good fun though and I think getting dropped in the deep end makes it a bit easier to deal with really.

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