Thursday, 8 September 2011

Excellent journey to Mumbai, NOT

It was supposed to be a 13 hour journey on the train from Madgaon (Goa) to Mumbai. Just a drop in the ocean compared to the 36 hour journey I did from Varanasi to Chennai and I planned to sleep most of the way - so no sweat.

Turned up to the train station in Goa 1 hour early. Just before the train was supposed to arrive they announced a delay.. and then another, and another, etc - until 1am!! The train was supposed to arrive at 16:45! But the monsoons had caused a land slide somewhere. So I waited at the train station from about 15:30 until 1am! :]

Its not like I was in a rush, so I didnt stress it - it was just ?!#@ing boring! To top it off, I found an internet cafe in the station at about 23:30, so I could have whiled away the time a lot quicker (if a little more expensively) had I found it earlier! Managed to get one hour in though.

Thank god (and Kern for lending it to me!) for the iPod shuffle, the battery lasts about 12 hours I think - so it saved my life at the station!

The train journey should have taken 13 hours, but actually took about 16. None of the train staff really knew when it would arrive (Indian stretchable time?) and I had no idea how many stops to go. I estimated we would arrive in Mumbai at 14:00, all my train neighbours had departed, so every time we reached a station after 14:00 I was ready to go, which made the last 3 hours a little mentally challenging. :D

Then an hour drive in mental traffic through Mumbai to the hostel which is between a slum and the international airport, convenient for when I fly to Indonesia, but its pretty noisey here to say the least!

Rock on.

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