Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Food heaven

Its pretty clear already that Indonesians LOVE their food! There are so many places to eat here in Bandung. The bakeries they have are awesome, full of so many weird treats including "cheesecake" which is a kind of donut thats not round, with cream in the middle and grated cheddar cheese on top - weird but it works somehow! They actually have quite a few things that combine cheese with some kind of cake or chocolate and pastry, seems very popular!

There are a lot of street vendors that come around from early in the morning until late at night playing a funky tune to get your attention in much the same way as the pasty wagon back in Plymouth. I have tried a lot of new things already including a new favourite of mine called lumpia, which is a kind of little pocket made of thin soft pastry stuffed with spicy chicken (or sausage) and vegetables.

Dee's family are on holiday here from their home in Balikpappan so they are taking the time to drive us all around and visit lots of cool places around Bandung and pointing out lots of traditional Indonesian foods to try and also helping me to learn some Indonesian language. They run a language college in Balikpappan and Dee's sister Nanda teaches English and Indonesian so I've got some great people to learn from. Not everyone speaks English in Indonesia so I want to learn as much Indonesian as possible to make traveling here for 3 months as easy as possible!

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