Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I'm a millionaire!

11th September 2011

Got up early and had my first Indonesian breakfast. Breakfast here is savoury, just like any other meal really. There was rice and several dishes to choose from and it was great - I'm kind of used to this sort of breakfast now and don't really miss our plain old English breakfasts at all.. except maybe a full on fry up!

We all went out in Bandung to the markets and had a look around. We went to a place where you can get jeans hand made for you in any style and even customised or clones of any brand you like all cheap as nuts, Dee and Pete had some made and I think it worked out at about 7 pounds a pair.

Since I'm a millionaire now I thought I'd pop to the ATM and withdraw a million, should do me for a while - shame it only works out at 71GBP though.. :P

PhotobucketWe went to a place called sausage house for lunch, it should be called sausage village though as it has loads of little shops there where you buy different snacks. Had quite a few different types of sausage and other snacks before we went to a big shopping mall. They had a sausage there called a jumbo super bockwurst and it was stupidly huge!

Bandung is a really great place. Its surrounded by mountains. From what I have seen so far it seems very clean and modern. The streets are lined with trees and theres lots of nice big houses - it would be ace to live here. The road system seems a little crazy but not half as bad as India, seems like they follow the rules a bit more here than in India! There are lots of nice cars on the road in good condition. In some areas the shops are grouped together based on what they sell, so theres a road for shoe markets and then you turn the corner and you're on the bike road, and then jeans road, art road, car wheel road, etc. Quite cool I guess for when you're looking for something specific you just go up and down one road comparing prices and bargaining instead of having to march around town - although internet shopping is less effort!
After dinner we picked up some things in the supermarket, including some mosquito zappers. A mosquito massacre would take place later in the evening which provided Pete and I with much entertainment - muhuwhahaha..! ahem.

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