Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I'm sorry Ralph!

20th September 2011

Today I went to the barbers and had a haircut, and a shave with a cut throat razor! I know Ralph will be disappointed as one of the last things he said to me before I left England was that he expected me not to shave or cut my hair for the entire year! As such, I felt somewhat obliged to let it grow but it just got to the point where it had to go. I didnt even recognise myself when it was all gone, pretty sure everyone else wondered who I was when I got back too.

Went to a computer shop to get a wifi access point for the language school and a new PC for Mada. The prices for hardware are so cheap here, the place we went to will build the PC to your specification. One of the base systems with an intel i3 and 4gb of ram was only around 300 pounds complete with 19 inch flat screen monitor. The shop will also bundle all the pirate software you want, wah.

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  1. What a shame! It could have been down to your knees by the end of the trip!!