Friday, 23 September 2011

Planes, trains and traveler's diarrhea

15th September 2011

So today we started the journey to Balikapapan. We would catch a train to Kediri where Dee's grandparents live, then go by car to Surabaya airport and catch a flight over to Balikpapan.

The train journey was about 15 hours long which I thought would be a walk in the park since my training back in India. Unfortunately Indonesian people are somewhat smaller than myself and the train seats, although comfortable, are not designed for people anywhere near 6 feet tall so I did suffer a little by the end.

While I'm on the subject of suffering.. I finally got the dreaded traveler's diarrhea. Having survived 6 weeks in India with no problems, a week in Indonesia finally broke me. I was super happy that I could time it so well to start on a train with no western toilets where I would be trapped for 15 hours - hole in the floor, moving train, oh the joy. Immodium helped but it was no silver bullet. Lets just say it was a long journey.  :)

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