Monday, 26 September 2011

Saya mau pergi ke Balikpapan

16th September 2011

PhotobucketGot to Kediri at 5am. Had slept here and there on the train but not comfortably so came out feeling uber tired. We drove to Dee's Autie's house, when we arrived we ate fresh Mangos that Pete and I picked from the Mango trees in the driveway using a huge piece of bamboo with a rope attached. Afterwards we went on to Dee's grandma's place and while they all caught up for a while I slept a little. I tried 3 types of Mangos and a 2 types of banana which Ive never had, King bananas and milk bananas. I never knew there were so many types of banana, the banana stalls at the side of the roads are full of different types.

We had a 3 hour drive to the airport in Surabaya so I took some more immodium and braced myself for the journey. The flight to Balikpapan took just under 2 hours, just enough time for me to beat my tetris hiscore - up to 286 lines now, level 29 :D

The drive to the house would be very quick, unfortunately we had one final hurdle between me and a bed, because when Mada came to pick us up from the airport the car park ticket machine did not print a ticket on his way in. So we got stuck at the gate on the way out for ages and battled with the lady in the kiosk to let us out, there was a heated exchange before we were finally released.

When we got to the house, I went straight to bed as I was so tired and had back ache from sleeping in weird positions. I have my own room with air conditioning and a nice bed which is very comfortable. As a traveler I feel I am being spoiled, Dees family are so hospitable, I hope to repay them in some way by volunteering as a native speaker at the English language school they run and by helping out wherever else possible.

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