Sunday, 4 September 2011

Tea in the park

25th August 2011

Didn't have much time before catching the train to Cochin so planned to just go to a park near my hostel and then check out a couple of small temples in the local area. On the way to the park I was accosted by a motorcyclist who stopped to ask where I was from, etc, etc. He was a law student and was going to the park between lectures to meet his friends so I hopped on the back of his motorbike and went with him. One of the modules on his course was English conversation, so before long all his friends had gathered around to practice their English! I spent the rest of my spare time there in the park before getting the train.

During the conversations someone asked when my birthday was and when I said its tomorrow they insisted on celebrating and went and bought a box of beer from down the road, which set me up nicely for the long train journey! We took all the empty bottles back to the beer shack and they gave us 5 rupees per bottle. I just slept for pretty much the whole 12 hour journey.

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