Sunday, 4 September 2011

Varkala, awesome views, awesome dentists

29th August 2011

PhotobucketWent to the dentist at 9am. He was actually closed because it was "holy day", but he saw me anyway thankfully. He removed the piece of broken tooth and smoothed the remaining tooth off. I wasn't feeling any pain so he left it like that rather than removing the tooth. It feels a bit funky as I can put my tongue in the back of the tooth now but theres no pain so thats cool! He gave me a prescription for some anti inflamatories and I left. Crazy that he saw me immediately on his day off and also only charged me 200 rupees! I went to the medical store and got my prescription which cost me 14 rupees. Bargain!

Happy with my trip to the dentist I had breakfast and hit the beach in Varkala. Its another really beautiful place! The clifftop has amazing views.  I walked accross the cliffs as far as possible which must have been a few kilometers.


Found a great restaurant on the clifftop and went upstairs and had curry while gazing out to sea. Such a great place to be on a hot sunny day. I went back down to the beach but later on it rained so I took shelter in the rock and roll cafe and had dinner. I met a group of cool people who were all traveling alone and had a a few beers while we chatted. The monsoon really kicked off, the power went out and the roof sprung a leak! I took the opportunity to run home when it stopped for a bit around 1am.


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