Sunday, 9 October 2011

BIEC activity day at the green

2nd October 2011

Today I helped out with an activity day at the green for the kids from the BIEC. The activity days are optional but count towards their grades. The students are divided into groups and play various word games and other activities. Points are awarded to the students depending on how well their team does overall. The lowest each student can get for the day is 60 points, which is a pass, but the better your team does the more points the team members are awarded. Its a chance for them to practice their English and learn outside of the confines of a school classroom and have some fun.

PhotobucketThere were 4 teams and I was the blue team leader. There was a kind of treasure hunt where they were given clues in English that would lead them to find several keys, the first team to find all the keys wins. Then there were a few word games and some races to fill bottles with water. Then a strange take on football, where there were 2 balls, the girls played with one ball and the boys played with the other but both at the same time! Finally there was a quiz, where the kids had to guess what I was describing and then run to get the prize when they knew the answer.

It was a funny morning and my team came first overall. All the kids were crowding around to practice their English and wanted photos with the weird tall guy.

On the way home we went past a crazy house that had a huge pouncing wolf built into the roof, strange!!


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