Thursday, 13 October 2011

Durian fruit.. I wouldn't say I like it!

7th October 2011

PhotobucketSight seeing fail

We went to go sight seeing today, after an hour or so drive we ran into a massive traffic jam. We took a detour but the road was too bad to continue on so we turned back, got a bit lost and then went to the Burito river instead. Burito river is huge, theres even a few islands in it! The biggest bridge in Kalimantan stretches over the river and clears one of the islands too.


Durian fruit feast

PhotobucketIn the evening after dinner we went to the mall. On the way home Iwan bargained for some Durian fruit while I hid in the car. He opened the boot of the car and before the 3 Durian fruits were even in the car the smell was very strong. After being in the car a few moments it was wreaking!

We got home and Indah cracked open the first Durian fruit.. I once saw one of those cool David Attenborough nature programs, where he went to Borneo and tried Durian fruit. I remember he described the smell of an open Durian as "an open sewer, with a dash of coal gas", which I would say is a fair description, maybe not correct but it certainly conveys just how bad it is! I found the clip on youtube.

PhotobucketThe fruit smells incredibly bad but some people love the taste, others hate it, and apparently you can get drunk from eating it too. The fruit is white and slimy, covering the seeds. I took one of the slimy, stinking seeds from within the Durian and sampled the "tasty" fruit.. It was absolutely rancid, but I gave it another go anyway and for a minute I thought the taste was getting better.. I ate 4 pieces in total and although the last of it was incredibly hard to swallow, I managed to avoid throwing up! At least I can say I gave it a good go! The smell sticks to your hands too, and we proved that using salty water in the empty husk of the Durian to wash your hands gets rid of the smell.

I had the taste of rotting sewage in my mouth for hours afterwards and feared burping. Apparently there are several kinds of Durian and they taste different, so I feel somewhat obliged to try them too, what the hell!

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