Monday, 10 October 2011

Made it to Banjarmasin alive!

5th October 2011

We arrived in Banjarmasin at 11am - alive! Iwan picked us up and we went to Iwan and Indah's house where we would stay for a few days. I was so tired I went to bed at 2pm after some lunch and didnt wake up til 7pm.

The reason we went to Banjarmasin is because one of the family, Harwin, is getting married in November and its traditional in Indonesia for the two families to meet, introduce themselves and give their permission for the wedding to go ahead and discuss it over dinner. I was invited to go along to see some sights in Banjarmasin and also went to the family dinner. Pak Surachmad is the most senior family member so he lead the discussion. We sat and drank teh panas and Iwan translated a bit for me so I could understand a little of what was going on. For dinner we had soto Banjar, it was enak (delicious)!

When we got home I went straight to bed as we planned to get up at 4am to go and see the floating market which would start at 5am!


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