Thursday, 6 October 2011

Truth or Lie?

30th September 2011

Today the class I went into was a group I have seen before so I thought I would try and find a game to play to get the students more active, so I decided to play "truth or lie".

I thought of 30 questions that all start "have you ever..", such as; have you ever met a famous person?, have you ever won some money?, have you ever jumped out of an airplane?, have you ever had a strange pet?.. etc.

Each student would go to the front of the class and the others would choose a question from the list to ask that student. The student at the front of the class must answer "yes" regardless of whether it is true or not. Then all the other students may ask any questions they like to determine if they think the person is telling the truth or lying. After a few minutes (or until the questions ran out) we would take a vote.

It was hilarious to listen to the students make up stories about the time they swam with dolphins or the time they won some money! They all really got into it and had a laugh! The class went by really quickly and everyone had fun (I think!). It was a really successful way to get everyone talking! Will definately do it again!

Also, I now have a geeky project on the go to put a system in place at the language school to read completed feedback questionnaires and process the results automatically. Looking at open source OMR software at the moment. :D

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