Monday, 14 November 2011


6th November 2011

Hired a surf board and went surfing for most of the day on Kuta beach, great fun. Got a bit sunburned though! :P

Got pulled over by the police on my moped today. I was on my way to the beach and had only enough for a drink or two i my pocket, 18,000 rupiah (just over 1 pound). As I drove around a corner I saw a group of police officers pulling people over. One of them waved me over and then checked the documents for the bike which were all in order, he then asked for my international driving license and I replied with "I forgot it". He took me to one side and told me he wanted 200,000 rupiah (about 14 pounds) and I told him all I had was my keys and 18,000 rupiah in my pocket.. he searched all my pockets before finally taking the 18,000, he then tutted a few times and sent me on my way.  I know pretty much all of them are corrupt but I certainly felt my sphincter tighten when he pulled me over!

Today the letter from Mada with all the documents for my visa extension arrived, woohoo. I finished filling out the forms and made sure everything was ready for tomorrow morning.

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