Monday, 14 November 2011

Flew to Bali

3rd November 2011

Had to get up at 5 to get the flight at 6:40. Said sampai jumpa lagi (until we meet again) to Bu Indra and Pak Surachmad who dropped me at the airport, had said my goodbye's to the rest of the family the day before. I'm excited to continue my travels but also sad to leave, I've had such a great time with them and they have taught me some useful Indonesian language, showed me some great places and introduced me to some awesome food! Will miss the crazy Indonesian kids at the BIEC too!

Here are some pics I took as we flew over Bali at around lunchtime.


I'd booked the first 2 nights at Tune hotel in Kuta which is really cheap for a hotel, about 10 pounds a night for a very small clean room with comfy bed, a fan and a hot shower. I planned to find a cheap hostel to move into while I stayed there.

I chose to check out the beaches and try some of the local cuisine today as I was tired from an early morning. This place is full of westerners!

Also I hired a moped for a few days, which I got a good price on after the guy (Nuri) was impressed by my use of Indonesian language :) He couldn't believe I'd only been learning for about 2 months and I used it as a bargaining tool.

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