Monday, 14 November 2011

Move to cheapsville

5th November 2011

Got a text at around 5am from Bu Indra asking if I was ok because she had seen on the news that there had been an earthquake.. Noone in the hotel mentioned anything and everything outside was carrying on as normal. Weird. Not sure where the epicentre was.

Had to check out at 10am. Had one other hostel to look at before I went back to Dua Dara because they didnt have any rooms yesterday for me to look at. When I got there the room stank and didnt look too secure so I went back down the road to Dua Dara and checked in.

I met a group of 9 other backpackers at the pool later on, they had just arrived from Australia where they had been for the last year.  Their visa's had expired so they decided to fly to Bali for a few days on their way to Thailand.

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