Monday, 14 November 2011

Visa extension fun, part 1

2nd November 2011

My visa expires on the 9th of November, so I'd been to the immigration office in Balikpapan a few weeks ago and asked about extending it by 30 days. They said it will be extended for 30 days from when you apply for the extension so its best to do it on or near the date of expiry.

I wanted to extend my visa today so it covers me for the rest of my time in Indonesia and I can continue my travels without worrying about having to extend it. Maybe I should have a) asked more questions and b) not left it til the day before my flight to Bali but when I got to the immigration office they told me it will take at least two days for the process to complete. I explained that my flight to Bali would be in the morning and he said that I could extend my visa in Bali. So that seemed like the best thing to do.

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