Monday, 19 December 2011

5 men, 5 mopeds.. Day 4.

25th November 2011

PhotobucketToday we were heading to Moni, just beyond Ende, we left Riung at 8am. We came to a split in the road and wondered which way to go so we stopped and asked the locals - Greg just ploughed on following his GPS and didnt wait for us.. the locals said that both ways lead to Ende but pointed at the way Greg had just gone and said it was a really bad road. We went a little way down the road after Greg and tried to call him but he had no phone signal, so we text him to say we had gone the other way and would meet him in Moni.

PhotobucketWe stopped in Ende for lunch, most places were closed for some reason so we ended up in a Chinese restaurant, wondering why the horses in this picture had a six pack and legs with two elbows!?

Continuing to Moni we met up with Greg at a traffic light where there was some roadworks. The road he took to this point was like a dirt track! He had not stopped for lunch and the rest of us had stopped for 1.5 hours!

PhotobucketWe made it to Moni at about 4.30pm and checked into Sylvester's homestay

For some reason my moped is drinking a lot more fuel than anyone elses but most of the others have had a puncture by now so I guess that balances out the fuel costs! :P

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