Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Ant dies in rancid towel shocker!

26th November 2011

During this road trip I have been sharing a room with Alex, as the days go by I notice more and more that his towel is getting pretty minging, mainly because of the smell. I can only describe it as a festering, rancid piece of rag. He has not been able to wash it since before we left Labuan Bajo and it doesn't seem to be able to dry out completely because he keeps using it and we're always on the move.. so it stinks and has gone a funny colour.


PhotobucketThis morning Alex saw an ant on his rancid towel and went to brush it off, but the ant would not budge. He realised that the ant was stuck on the towel.. dead! The ant had nibbled on the towel which seemed to have instantly poisoned it like some kind of venomous snake. The poor ant had a serious case of rigor mortis and had to be surgically removed by use of a pair of scissors.


Alex is already ill.. I fear that the towel will take him next..

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