Sunday, 11 December 2011

Batu Cermin cave

21st November 2011

Today I just relaxed a lot and arranged motorbike hire as Alex and I planned to leave tomorrow for our trip to Kelimutu. Alex had booked a diving trip and I ended up going to Batu Cermin cave later in the afternoon to pass some time. Had to crawl through some pretty tight spaces in the cave but was pretty cool inside. I went alone and ended up tagging along with a big group of Polish guys when I got there.


In the evening I met up with Alex again and he had met another couple of guys, Brian and Mario, who were planning a similar trip to us so we arranged to go as a group of 4. Then later we bumped into Greg who also decided to join us. Mario and Brian had a plan all worked out for which places to stop so we agreed to stick to that.

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