Friday, 30 December 2011

I'll meet you at the Hachiko statue..

3rd December 2011

At lunch time I went to meet my friend Ben who moved to Japan about 8 months ago to work. We had arranged to meet at Shibuya by the Hachiko statue (Hachiko is a famous dog in Japan) near the train station. When I got to Shibuya station I went to the Hachiko exit and tried to find the statue. I had no idea what the statue was like but I was looking for something big and I had conjured this image of a crazy looking cartoon dog statue in my mind.. I walked around the area, asked a few people, found it on a map at the station and still could not see it. I was 40 minutes late to meet Ben when I asked one of the train station staff who pointed out the tiny life size dog statue immediately opposite the train station exit which I had walked around in circles! A mobile phone would have been handy.

PhotobucketShibuya is super busy so we went through Yoyogi park and made our way to Akihabara, the electric town.. or geek central if you prefer. In Akihabara we went into a few huge electronics department stores like yodobashi camera and some gaming stores before we stopped for a Japanese curry.

PhotobucketLater we went to a couple of huge arcades, Taito Station and Club Sega. Both have 5 floors of arcade games which kept us busy for a while. The first floor tends to be full of UFO catchers (which are ridiculously popular here), then you go up the escalators to find all the games. Its mad how busy they are, in England you're lucky to find an arcade at all, let alone a good one!


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