Friday, 9 December 2011

Komodo island

20th November 2011

PhotobucketGot up at 5:30 to go to Komodo island as early as possible.  We had breakfast at sunrise and then got onto the island at about 6:30. We had a 2 hour trek and managed to see some Komodo dragons in the wild this time, although they weren't particularly active, just hanging out resting in the sun and didn't seem too bothered by our group. We saw lots of buffalo, deer and wild bore around the island as we walked, dinner for the Komodo dragons!





This video shows just how little the Komodo dragons were doing - only moving to change sleeping position..

After Komodo island we went to a place called manta point to go snorkeling, hoping to see some manta rays there but unfortunately we did not. I did see a huge sea turtle though, which I swam above for some time until it sped up to the point I couldn't keep up and then it disappeared.

The last stop was fairy island where we went snorkeling again, this time we found a lobster hiding away.

The trip was really good value for money, saw some amazing places, the people were all really cool and the food was great too! :P

We got back to Labuan Bajo around 6pm just in time for a massive thunder storm and we got soaking wet walking through town. Had dinner with Greg and Alex. I was planning to maybe fly to Ende and then go to Kelimutu next and Alex wanted to go as well, but his plan was to hire a moped and ride across Flores to Kelimutu which sounded like fun so I thought I would join him.

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