Thursday, 22 December 2011

Statistically I'm doomed! (Road trip, day 6)

27th November 2011

We left Ende and went back to Bajawa, stopping at a traditional village called Wogo along the way.

Alex, Brian and I were ahead and waited at the turning for Wogo so Mario and Greg could catch up, it took a while because Mario had picked up another puncture and Greg, despite being the most experience motorbike rider, had fallen off quite spectacularly and really hurt his chest - Mario said he almost went straight off a shear drop too! :O

So everyone except me has fallen off.. Brian has even come off twice and even the most experienced rider has fallen off quite badly. Statistically I'm doomed! Three days (including today) left for "death" to catch up with me!

At the turning for Wogo there happened to be a little garage where Mario could get his tyre sorted out and also a Padang restaurant. What was a very quiet area had suddenly become very busy, a lot of locals had appeared and were sitting around observing the westerners! lol.
The owner of the Padang restaurant took photographs of us eating there. :P

After lunch Mario's tyre was fixed and Greg had taken some pain killers so we were ready to rock and roll.

Wogo was really cool, lots of Bamboo houses in a big circle. When we arrived a lady called Maria came to chat to us and then showed us around and explained how the village works. Its like a big family really, they all help each other out. When they need a new house, they all help build it in super quick time. We met some of the other people that live there and when we reached Maria's house she invited us inside and made us a cup of their own blend of coffee. Seems crazy to have a kitchen with an open fire in a bamboo house!



PhotobucketMaria told us there was a bamboo forest just up the road so we went to see that before continuing to Bajawa.

The hunt for the hot springs!

We arrived in Bajawa at 15:00 and went straight out again to find one of the natural hot springs in the area. We got a bit split up as Greg and Alex went quite far ahead and I somehow managed to pass them while they asked for directions, I called them to find out where they were and went back and we realised we had gone way too far passed the turn for the hot springs. Mario was a way behind us so we called him and he was already there!

PhotobucketWe got to the hot springs just before dark and Mario had been there for ages. The water was a great temperature and it was a really nice place.

More punctures..

Unfortunately we had to drive home in the dark about 28km which wasn't much fun, and Greg picked up another puncture! We stopped at the side of the road to ask some locals where there is a mechanic and Mario almost got run over by a crazy truck driver but he got out of the way in time, then the truck almost hit his bike which would have fallen into my bike which I was still sitting on - I made an effort to move but couldn't much and just ended up burning my leg on someones hot exhaust pipe! I thought it was just "death" coming for me!

The mechanic was just round the corner and he found a piece of wire in Greg's rear tyre which was the obvious reason why he had so many punctures (I think at least 5 so far). They cleaned it out and put a new inner tube in there. We then had a really difficult exchange with the guy that did the work because they charged Greg too much. He had paid for the inner tube when we arrived and then at the end they tried to charge him again for the inner tube plus the labour..

Despite being in Indonesia for the same amount of time as me Greg speaks no Indonesian, and he wasn't doing a good job getting his point across - mainly shouting English and throwing money at the guy and then trying to ride away. But the mechanic took the keys out of Greg's bike and the whole thing started to get a little out of hand. There were a lot of people there, it was late and dark and getting into a fight was not on my list of things to do in Indonesia. I interjected and tried my best with my limited Indonesian to resolve the situation, the guy took the money and passed Greg's bike keys to Alex. It wasn't much fun!

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