Thursday, 26 January 2012

Drunken karaoke rocks!

22nd to 29th December 2011

Spent a few days hanging out with Ben who now has a break from work. On Christmas day and boxing day I crashed at Junko's apartment to save travelling for an hour back to James' place.


PhotobucketPhotobucketChristmas is celebrated in Japan but not on the scale it is in England, and for some reason everyone goes to KFC for their Christmas dinner and the colonel dresses up as Santa. For our Christmas dinner we managed to put a fairly decent effort together, despite not having a real oven (you don't find a proper oven in most Japanese apartments).

On boxing day Ben, Junko and I went to do some drunken karaoke for an hour, which quickly turned into 2 hours of embarrassing fun.. The highlights were Ben and I trying to rap to Wu Tang Clan and singing total eclipse of the heart (of course).. shocking. I'll spare you the terrible video footage! The next day we had another karaoke session since the first one was so much fun. Had a pretty sore throat after 2 nights of shrieking into a microphone! The private karaoke rooms are ace, we went to 2 different places and the second place gave us maracas and tambourines as well serving us drinks all night.



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  1. Yeah!! Got to love a bit of karaoke. Class choice with bonnie tuler, although challenging for any man. Rock and f**king roll!