Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Small beds for small people

19th December 2011

PhotobucketWent to Hiroshima today, took another bullet train, it costs a lot but saves so much time. We had decided to share a room at a hotel because it was only a little more expensive than the hostel we would have stayed at and it was closer to the train station. When we got to the hotel the receptionist told us there was only one bed.. neither of us minded, but when we got in the room it wasn't even a full sized double bed.. wah. Never mind, its the first real bed either of us had slept in for a long time, makes a change from sleeping on the floor even if there is hardly any room!

We visited the atomic bomb dome, peace memorial park and museums - not for the faint hearted, theres some pretty grim stories and images in there. Having spent most of the day there we went and got some dinner and looked around the city a little.


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