Saturday, 11 February 2012

Arrived in Melbourne

11th to 16th January 2012

I flew to Melbourne and had arranged to stay with Tegan and Michael who I met in India on my first week travelling. Tegan picked me up from the airport and showed me around Taylors Lakes briefly before we went back to their place. Once again I am spoilt with my own room, double bed and aircon.. woohoo! :)

When we were in India, Michael had promised me an awesome rib eye steak if I went to stay with them, I often dreamt about this steak on my travels.. So on the first night I was presented with the most amazing steak and it went down soooo well! Haven't had steak in so long and this one was pretty special! nom nom!

PhotobucketThe first couple of days I just chilled out as Tegan and Michael had to go to Brisbane for a day and I just fancied taking a couple of days out, so other than fixing Tegan's laptop I didn't get up to much.

When they got back we went to stay in Port Campbell for 3 nights. Port Campbell is a nice chilled out little seaside town with some beautiful countryside around it. When we were there we;
  • Drank a lot of beer and vodka
  • Saw the sights along the coast including the "12 apostles"
  • Went fishing at Port Campbell pier, and caught nothing
  • Sucked at trivial pursuit
  • Sampled the local cheese
  • Went fishing at Peterborough, and caught nothing
  • Owned at 20 questions


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