Monday, 27 February 2012

Feathery fun!

11th February 2012

Today Brian and I went up for a flight in his plane, we flew over Rockingham and Mandurah along the coast and back again for an hour or so. I haven't been up in a light aircraft since when I was the air cadets when I was younger, good fun and I might have taken control for a little while while Brian wasn't looking. ;)


PhotobucketIn the evening we went into Perth CBD for an even called 'place des anges', where we basically had 2 tons of feathers dropped on us! It was totally bizarre but they had these guys dressed in white moving along wires between the buildings to music and dropping feathers and having pillow fights, flying inflatable angels and feather cannons.. The performance was cool, it lasted an hour or so and then at the end when the feather cannons went off they played funky music and everyone just went a bit mental, knee deep in feathers! Strange but good! Here's an article about it;



I found this video on youtube that shows it better than my crappy little camera did.

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