Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Jumped out of a plane at 14,000 feet! :D

23rd to 26th February 2012

So now I'm kind of rushing down the east coast a bit as I have to fly to Canada on the 9th of March, so I can't make all the stops I originally wanted to really. I heard mission beach is a great place to do a skydive, so I made it my next stop. I stayed in a great hostel called absolute backpackers, probably one of the best Ive been to so far.. they gave me a free night for booking the skydive with them which was a bonus.

On the morning of the skydive it was pouring with rain and very cloudy so it was postponed from 7am to 9:30am when it had cleared up. After signing a responsibility waiver and not paying 30 dollars for insurance we did a quick briefing on what to do and then drove to the airstrip.

PhotobucketWe flew up to 14,000 feet and then people started jumping.. I was fifth. Thankfully they didn't give you much time to think about it, no counting you in, just a quick shuffle to the door of the plane and the next thing you know you're free falling!

PhotobucketFrom 14,000 feet you get 60 seconds of free fall, which was probably the quickest 60 seconds of my life! Then the parachute goes out and you glide down over a few minutes. Dave, the guy who jumped with me, let me fly the chute for a while too which was cool. As soon as we got on the floor I wanted to go again but its a bit too expensive for that really! In the evening we had a beach party.


I met some Canadian guys when I did the skydive, and they said they were doing an extreme white water rafting trip at the Tully river the next day so I booked up for that too. That was great fun as well. Apart from the rafting we did some other swimming activities which involved jumping into the rapids, dropping down a 5 metre waterfall and a couple of cliff jumps.. when we got back that evening I was completely knackered! I don't have any pictures for it because they charge a fortune and I couldn't take my own camera, even if it was waterproof I wouldn't have had a chance to use it, never mind.

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