Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Last day in Whistler

25th March 2012

Last day on the slopes today. There's been no new snow for a couple of days so the untouched powder is hard to find, and its a bit crunchy as the sun has been out melting it between freezes.

PhotobucketWill and I hit the snowpark on Whistler for a few hours in the afternoon yesterday and today to see what damage we could do. It was going well until we had a huge waffle with all the trimmings at lunch time - Will suggested a warm up run before heading back to the snowpark and went off piste a little and crashed into a tree, his leg took the impact which kind of ruined the rest of the afternoon for him!


Steven has been resting for the last couple of days due to a number of ailments. His mountain name is now 'blind fury' because he isn't wearing his glasses, has no contact lenses and his goggles had a tendancy to mist up.. so often he would fly past us while we waited in the slopes to decide which way to go, and he couldn't read the signs. We employed the 'international super secret signal' and the 'sea monkey dance' to attract each others attention when meeting at the ski lifts which works well even if your vision is impaired.

We made the most of the hot tub at our apartment for the last time. After 17 days of luxury in Whistler (13 days on the slopes) its time to leave. In the morning we head to Vancouver for a day before we split up. Steven and Will go back to England and I fly to Montreal.

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