Monday, 12 March 2012

Time travel

I arrived in Vancouver on the 9th of March, 2 hours before I left Sydney after travelling for 17 hours. Deprived of sleep I battled through customs who grilled me and then searched my bags and grilled me again on my way out, almost causing me to miss my transfer to Whistler even though my flight had landed almost an hour early.. but it was all good and I met my brother Steve and we jumped on the mini bus as planned.

PhotobucketWe've done 2 days of snowboarding now and the conditions are excellent! It has snowed pretty much all the time since we got here and the powder is really deep, its coming up over my knees.. theres a lot of happy people up there on the slopes! Its so good that we missed lunch today as we completely lost track of time. Steve wiped out in the deep powder at one point and it took him at least 10 minutes to get himself out, comedy to watch. Looking forward to getting back up there tomorrow morning on the first lift.  :D



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  1. brrr bet thats cold - are you wearing hospital greens BTW - thanks for the blog posts Paul they have been AWESOME!