Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A night at Vancouver's skid row

26th March 2012

My brother had selected a quality establishment for us to spend a night when we returned to Vancouver, the Patricia hotel/ Budget inn. The hookers and drug addicts that we passed on the last part of the taxi ride to the hotel made us think its not the best area. After check-in (obviously not before booking), we read some reviews which included comments such as "don't go out at night" and "avoid walking down Hastings street to the downtown area" - Ace.

We walked downtown and sure enough the area around our hotel was pretty bad and you could definitely tell when you cross the line back into normality. Some of the food vendors have prison bars over the windows. Later we went for a walk by night, and it was like crack city, I guess we stood out like a sore thumb. In the morning we went to get breakfast and a lady complimented us on our "nice jeans".

I remembered talking to a bunch of Canadians when I was in Australia and I'm fairly sure they said to avoid Hastings street.. Although Hastings street is really long and the skid row part is only about 2km of it. Never mind, it was interesting and the hotel was.. lovely. :D

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