Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Rain, fog and scenic drives

23rd April 2012

We left Moncton heading for Halifax, just about 3 hours drive away. Liz and Franzi who shared a room with me at the C'mon Inn decided to join us and we split the petrol even more. On the way there we passed a place called Truro.. woohoo.

Theres not actually a whole lot to do in Halifax really, we went to the harbour and looked around the city when we arrived. The next day it rained really hard pretty much all day and we just drove out of the city and went for a "scenic drive" around the coast line to Mahone bay and Chester.. but since it was rainy and really foggy it didnt turn out to be that scenic, but we had a laugh on the drive and it wasnt really raining in Mahone bay when we got there and Chester was a nice place.

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  1. Haha you even took your GPS tracker to the Superstore, this is awesome! http://g.co/maps/xze7a :D

  2. Truro with no pasty though :-) UK wins