Friday, 11 May 2012

Giant Lobster!

25th April 2012

We had hired the car until the 27th of April, our intention was to drop it off in Toronto after visiting Niagara Falls, but faced with the fact that we would need to drive pretty much all day on the 26th to get it back on time we decided to try and extend the time we would have the car.. unfortunately the rate for extending for a day was much higher than the rate we paid originally so we decided to do the drive after all, drop the car off in Toronto and then hire another one from a different company for a couple of days to go to Niagara Falls.. I dont think I mentioned before that I had forgotten to bring my driving licence on my trip! Which means that Theres has been doing all the driving and faced the mammoth drive tomorrow all by herself! eep!

So we left Halifax and headed to Fredericton where we would spend the night. We had to drop Liz and Franzi back to the C'mon Inn at Moncton on the way and decided to drive through Shediac as there is a giant lobster statue there which Theres wanted to see. As we drove through Shediac we saw a giant chicken statue and giant dolphins statue, but no lobster statue and it looked like we had almost driven all the way through the town so we stopped and asked an old lady where it was and had quite an amusing exchange, I dont think she really understood my accent;

Me: Excuse me, we are looking for the giant lobster statue..
Old lady: Lobster?
Me: Yes, the giant lobster statue..
Old lady: Statue?
Me: Yes, the giant lobster statue..
Old lady: Oh the giant lobster statue.. yes you drove right past it (assuming we had driven the other way through the town) - its just over the bridge on the left hand side of the road!

PhotobucketIt was just the way she said "lobster?" and "statue?". As soon as I wound the window up and we started to drive off we all burst out laughing in the car.. probably one of those "you had to be there" kind of things but anyway..  :D

We dropped Liz and Franzi off at Moncton and made it to Fredericton in the early evening and had wander around before crashing out early so we could get on the road as soon as possible in the morning and start the 1170 km drive to a motel we had booked in Kingston!

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